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Emergency care

What to do

1. Please call us immediately on: 01772 701432 

2. If you are calling 'Out of hours' you will usually be redirected to our out-of-hours emergency services provider VetsNow who are located on Longsight Road, BB2 7JA. Please note that although this is a Blackburn postcode VetsNow is located on the A59 about 15-20minutes drive from Newhall Veterinary Centre.

What to expect

When you call us we’ll provide advice over the phone and advise whether you need to take your pet to the Out of Hours facility for immediate treatment. 

If you are redirected to our late night out of hours service you will be asked to call Vets Now on 01772 378764. Please note if you require an out of hours consultation with Vets Now the standard charge is around £260.

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