Emergency care

What to do

1. Please call us immediately on: 01772 701432 

2. If you are calling OUTWITH our normal surgery opening hours please follow the instructions on our answering service, guiding you on what to do next, you will usually be redirected to our on-call veterinary surgeon.

3. If your call is LATE NIGHT you may be redirected to our late night out of hours service with MyVet on Longsight Road.

What to expect

When you call us we’ll provide advice over the phone and advise whether you need to bring your pet into the surgery for immediate treatment. If your pet does need emergency care, we’ll normally ask you to bring them to the practice on New Hall Lane.

If you are redirected to our late night out of hours service or you will be asked to call MyVet on Longsight Road and the telephone number will be provided via our answering service.

Tel: 01772 701432

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